Dec 16, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Ashley Camper

I have been a fan of Ashley Camper's work for quite sometime now, and recently got the opportunity to interview her! Ashley grew up in the Midwest and in 2006, she went to visit a friend in Maui and, "never left." Her photographs are full of sunlight and gentle movement. Ashley's work has been featured in Kinfolk magazine, Pacific Weddings magazine, Matchbook Mag and Cult of Style. She has also photographed a lookbook for Pandeia! Check out my interview with Ashley below and take a look at more of her work, here. :)
1) How do you go about photographing your subjects (planned or spontaneous)?
When photographing a lot of my projects have a bit of planning to them (some more than others). I've been very privileged to know people that help me in building unique ideas and finding interesting subjects. Collaborating with others has been the most useful for me.

2) What is your dream job/project and/or person to work with?
OH man, SO MANY! I would love the chance to work with (or just stand in awe and watch) Cass Bird or Chris Craymer. I just had the chance to meet/work with Emily Nathan this past month who has been one of my idols since college, so that was huge. As far as dream projects; Levi's would be amazing but I just hope I continue to do projects that have uniqueness to them.
3) What were you like growing up? When did you decide that you were going to pursue photography professionally?
I grew up in a small midwest town but in close proximity to a city which gave me a lot of balance in how I see and explore my surroundings. I was always into art but mostly drawing. I wasn't until my sophomore year in high school that I started taking photography classes. I continued photography as a hobby until my second year of University. I switched to a Photojournalism major with a minor in Art and the rest is history.

4) If you weren't a photographer, what do you think you'd be doing?
That's weird to think of...maybe running my own coffee shop or bakery? Haha I really don't know...hopefully this pans out

5) What is your go-to camera?
Most of my work is shot on my Nikon D3s but the one on me most times for personal or work is my Contax G2. I learned photography using film, and it's hard to stray to far from it.

6) When/Why did you choose to move to Hawaii? --How has that environment influenced your work/creative process?
I moved to Hawaii in March of '06 right after i graduated University. I went out to visit a friend for a few months and never left. Hawaii is very influential and I have a daily chance to photograph subjects that other photographers have to save up for and travel to get. I also find that when i return to Minnesota I'm more excited to see things like snow, lakes ect. that I would have taken disadvantage of if I never left.


  1. Great interview... I love photography and finding new artists! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much! She's awesome! Stay tuned for more artist interviews... ;)
      ~Taylor | Awakening Bohemia

  2. Wow! Her work is amazing! Great interview!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Love the spontaneity in the shots, I would have never guessed that she said most of her shots are planned. Looks so natural.
    I want to pick up a Nikon myself one of these days!

    Great interview, truly.

    Abby A.

    1. She is truly amazing! Thanks for stopping by! :)