Friday, July 18, 2014

Mara Hoffman is the New Lisa Frank

Mara Hoffman has been on a roll this year, releasing new collections and collaborating with several brands...dreamcatchers with Spokewoven, a home collection with Anthropologie, and a capsule flip flop collection with Havaianas....the brand has certainly diversified. Hoffman's instantly recognizable tribal inspired prints have become somewhat mainstream, in the best way possible. While the brand's popularity has sky rocketed these past few years, it has had me thinking that in my opinion, Hoffman is to the 10's as Lisa Frank was to the 90's. Frank's colorful and bubbly illustrations were found printed on every girl's school folders, pencils, stickers and just about everything else. Hoffman is on a steady track to being just as prominent in not only the lives of girls, but even more so, women. 

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