Jan 26, 2014

Thinking About Clothing In A Totally New Way

I have this thing for clothing. Purely addictive. 
One the one hand it's the typical thrill of shopping, like anyone else,
but on the other it's this craving for different fabrics, fits, and good design.
Being an artist, I find the use of clothing, to be this endless ability to create something
that is entirely your own. 

Sometimes I overindulge on pieces that maybe I shouldn't spend so much on, but, then 
I think about those who collect paintings. They spend thousands, if not millions of dollars
on canvas splattered with paint. --and maybe it is just that, two materials colliding, but someone
had this miraculous vision for what they wanted that canvas to look like. There was thought, and time spent. Imagination. Something entirely new.

I am both the painter and the collector. 

If you think of a dress as merely a piece of fabric hanging on a hanger, well then to you I guess it's all it really is. But if you can think of it as this piece of fabric transformed into something that can make a woman look and feel beautiful, something that took a creative vision, thought, and time spent, with great design, then you have something beautiful and worth the cash. 


  1. I love this! I completely agree and now have justification for more shopping. ;)

    xx Kelly

  2. This is truth! While I do try to keep a *little* bit minimal, I will buy whatever piece best fits how I will feel. I am a canvas, dang it, and clothing expresses who you are. So yes, I will keep looking for perfect pieces.


    1. Thank you! If I want a $100 sweater but I'm going to wear it for the next five years, then damn it I'm going to get it! haha!