Dec 19, 2014

Mini Wreath Ornaments DIY

As I was putting up our family tree this week, I had the idea to make little wreaths for door knob decorations and ornaments. They are super simple to make, and inexpensive!

Dec 17, 2014

Dec 11, 2014

Gypsy Lingerie: From Bed to Beach

I've posted about the bohemian Hawaiian based lingerie brand Gypsy before. Kate Ruggiero, the founder of Gypsy, creates easy to wear bralettes, underwear, and is now looking to expand her line into swimwear. At the beginning of the month, Kate launched an Indiegogo campaign asking for help so she can take her brand to the next level. Her dream is to expand Gypsy by creating a new site, adding additional sizes and styles, and more. 

Dec 1, 2014

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

We are now officially in the holiday season! I started my gift shopping a few weeks ago...crazy I know. With so many parties happening in the coming month, I think we are all in need of a little glitter-filled inspiration! Also, be sure to take a look at my eBay shop for party dresses, shoes, and accessories! Here's to getting in the spirit!