Jan 2, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Hannah Adamaszek

If you're a Pinterest addict like I am, you've probably stumbled upon at least one of Hannah Adamaszek's colorful masterpieces. The UK based artist creates these enormous paintings which she describes as, "a fine line between 'street art' and 'fine art." Hannah was gracious enough to answer a few questions for a feature! 

Where do you draw inspiration from for your paintings?
I love the outside, when I'm not painting, I'm often found out running or biking in the forests. It would be a dream to live in the mountains with an art studio, running in the summer, and skiing in the winter. A lot of my influences come from the great outdoors, nature is the greatest artist, so I try to use shapes or patterns the I gather – whether it be feathers or animals or plants. I attempt to capture the feeling of being in my paintings, a state of mind where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. My style is stripped down to the basics, layering each process so that each one can be identified in one harmonious composition.

What is your creative process like?
For me it always starts on Pinterest. I look for inspiration and then research different elements I want to combine in the painting. Its great for colour inspiration too. Once I have a look or feeling I want to capture, I start by making a stencil and spraying it onto the canvas. From there, I add in acrylics and more spray paint. I layer it up add and deleting along the way until I'm happy. I finish sections off by defining them with charcoal to add a little more depth. Sometimes I get quite far through a painting and it doesn't feel right, so paint over the whole thing and start again.

Do you have a background in art? If not, what did you go to school for?
I studied art at West Kent College, where I did a foundation course. It was great to use so many mediums and do life drawing once a week, which really helped me learn. It was there that I learnt photography and worked taking pictures with street performers and the homeless. I was painting a lot too, and my style really started to develop. I then went on to Bournemouth to do a fine art degree, but didn't learn anything new there. Once I finished my degree I stopped painting for about 5-6 years.

You describe your style as a fine line between 'street art' and 'fine art.' What other street and fine artists have influenced you and your work?
There are so many amazing artists out there, and I find new inspiring ones everyday. I do come back to some all the time, some big favourites are Conor Harrington and Anthony Lister. I also love Herakut. Some new artists I've come across lately are Holly Shape and Tobacco & Leather. Instagram is an amazing tool for finding new art, I was lucky enough to get in touch with an amazing street artist LucyLucy through Instagram and we painted a wall together in Dalston, London.

What is it like to see your art on sites like blogs and Pinterest? What is your reaction?
Its amazing seeing my work everywhere, and nice that people are taking the time to look and write about it. I've had a few people who have been creating work inspired by my art, which has been great to see.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? What would you create?
I love collaborating, I've learnt so much from working with Kristin Gaudio Endsley on our series that we are still producing. I got to paint with artist LucyLucy earlier this year who is one of my favourite artists, so that was a big highlight. It would be pretty amazing to paint with Anthony Lister and do something thats not planned.  Otherwise I’d love to create something with a jewelry designer!

You can see more of Hannah's work, here!

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