Jan 28, 2014

All the Pretty Colors

It seems that everything I was taking pictures of this past week were super colorful, with the exception of a few...
 A mandala on the wall at Free People Walnut St. in Philly.

Ikea's room facade at the Philly Home Show inspired by Yayoi Kusama's, Obliteration Room!

My new necklace from Carly Marks (check out her stuff!). This necklace will be at Urban Outfitters soon! 

A dressing room illustration at Free People Walnut St. by Lital Gold.  

Moore's new lobby display! I love these kinds of setups! 


  1. Love that necklace... and congrats to Carly for getting her jewelry sold at UO! Which book are you reading?


    1. She's got awesome stuff! -def check it out!
      I'm reading Jusr Kids by Patti Smith! I totally love it...it's taking me forever to read though because of school! ;)
      Thanks for visiting!