Feb 3, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Chase Cohl of Littledoe

I have been following Chase Cohl's brand Littledoe for the past five years and I finally got the chance to talk to her! Chase is a multi-talented artist who lives in Los Angeles. She is the creator of the accessory and clothing brand called Little Doe, a singer and musician, and creative visionary. Her headpieces have been worn by the likes of Fergie and Dree Hemmingway, as well as being featured on the covers of Vogue. Chase also recently opened for Lissie (one of my favorite singers) at a few of her shows. Read more about this California chick below!
1) What made you decide to start Littledoe, and what was your original vision? 
Littledoe essentially started on a whim. Like any artist, I tend to go through these moments of creative surge, with music, Littledoe, writing, drawing, whatever the outlet might be. I suppose I was in the midst of one of those periods, and I began creating headpieces, simply to have something special to wear. It wasn't created so much out of one particular vision, more so out of the idea of wanting to capture some sort of nostalgia. I had become obsessed with Californian culture of the 1960s and 70s, and wanted to reflect that through my art. I also think it felt very important to me at the time to have something that felt unique to only me, and my client base was eventually born out of people seeking that same thing.
2) How has the brand succeeded past your original vision?
It has been a wild journey so far, one which I hope to continue for some time. I could never have expected or hoped for the kind of recognition that an idea created on an old artist desk has received. Honestly, I think it succeeded past my original vision the second I actually sold my first piece. Everything beyond that is just icing on the cake. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do.

3) What do you think you'd be doing professionally if you weren't making music and running your own brand?
I would love to work with animals in some capacity, and I also think being a travel writer sounds like a pretty ideal job. Maybe something combining the two? National Geographic? I haven't really put much thought into it honestly. The path I am on now feels very natural to me. 
4) Where do you gather inspiration for your accessories, and what is your creative process like?  
The thing about inspiration is that I find it tends to be one of those things that seeks you out, not the other way around. Sometimes the wind just changes and it hits you out of nowhere. I try not to force creativity too much, which can be difficult when you run a company and have deadlines and such. My creative process is just that, a process. I usually start with images, scanning through and waiting for something to pop out at me. Then I figure out what it is about that image, what sort of feeling it captures, and how that feeling could be translated into something tangible, beautiful and also functional.

5) I noticed that Lissie helped with your latest Littledoe video. I have been a huge fan of hers for a few years now! How do you know her, and do you two ever jam out? ;)
Lissie is a very special chick. She and I were introduced a few years ago by my best friend, and she played at Littledoe's fashion week dinner a year ago. We actually shot a bit of the 2013 collection in her backyard in Ojai. Recently, I was fortunate enough to open up for her on a few of her tour dates around the U.S., which was a total dream come true. I definitely would love to make music with her in the future, she is a truly incredible talent.
6) What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in relation to Littledoe?
The Vogue covers have all been pretty surreal. You never really get used to it. Running a brand, pieces are constantly being sent out to magazines. Having worked on the styling side of things for so many years, I know not to get my hopes up because they pull heaps and heaps of stuff for big shoots like that. Then all of a sudden you see this photo, well, its a pretty incredible feeling. I could never have imagined that would happen.

7) In what ways do you hope the brand will grow in the future?
We are in the midst of a massive rebranding now, with an entirely new website and look, which will relaunch in early February alongside our 2014 collection. My style has evolved so much since I started Littledoe, that it just felt like it was time to take it in a more mature and functional direction. The pieces will remain ethereal and high-end, but the angle is completely different. It is a very exciting time to start a new chapter. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

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