Nov 3, 2014

Local Love: P.S. & Co

This past week, my friend Sarah took me to one of her favorite hangout spots in Rittenhouse Square, P.S. & Co (short for Pure Sweets).
Owner, Andrea Kyan, started the cafe after realizing medical school wasn't for her. Being a vegan, she began to experiment with dessert recipes that were vegan and gluten-free. Besides desserts, Pure Sweets offers delicious salads, soups, fresh juices, smoothies, name it. Everything is made in the back room of the shop and the menu ranges month-to-month, as everything is made from local seasonal ingredients. The food isn't cheap, but is well worth it. I actually felt full after my meal, unlike when I eat the majority of a pizza and crave more a half hour later!

The atmosphere has a rustic charm complete with exposed brick walls, beaten red painted wooden floors, reclaimed wooden shelves and a farm table which speak to the Philly atmosphere. The staff is genuinely friendly, asking Sarah and I about our school days. I ordered the broccoli soup in a mug, and the specialty caesar salad which consists of kale, cabbage, spiced chickpeas, shiitake mushroom crisps, and a tangy dressing. 

One of the things that immediately struck me when I sat down to eat at the farm, was that I felt like I was sitting at a friend's house hanging out, rather than a cafe, which made me feel especially comfortable. In addition, on the shelf behind me are an array of cookbooks to look at, and a stereo playing a funky Pandora station which included songs from Regina Spektor, Ben Folds and Noah and the Whale.

Another great service that Pure Sweets provides is deliveries by bike. Enough said. ;) I would highly recommend checking out this cute cafe for a cup of coffee or for lunch with a friend! You can learn more about P.S. & Co on their website!

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