Nov 21, 2014

Ramble On

"This photoshoot isn't just "based on a true story". This IS the story.  The story is of two star crossed lovers, Ryan and Genessa Olde. Recently tying the knot,  their adventure has just begun.  "Ramble on" is a documentation.  It was taken of themselves, by themselves.  They captured the act of finding freedom in love, ridding of fear, setting intentions and rocking life 'til the wheels fall off.  They truly follow their inner compass.  Where it will all end up, no one knows.  Luckily, that is the fun of it all. "
May these two road warriors forever ramble on...

Photographer:  Ryan & Genessa Olde 
Models:  Ryan & Genessa Olde

I love how this collection of photographs shows the versatile edgy side of Pandeia watches, as well as the bohemian. I still need to get my hands on one of these babies! 

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