Nov 29, 2013

Making the Braid

Braids always seem to be in style, no matter what the season or weather. Some of the great things about them there are so many variations, 
and almost any hair length can pull one off. Try some of these intricate styles that are actually easier than you think to do! 
Updo: 1)Divide hair into three sections.  2)Take top section and back-comb it to give body. Twist into a bun and pin.  3) with bottom two sections, braid on both sides and pin back into buns.  4) Pin excess pieces or let them fall and spray with a medium hold hairspray.
French Updo (left): 1)French braid hair straight back.  2)Securely pin ends under the braid.  3)Spray with maximum hold hairspray.

Braid Accented Pony (right): 1) Divide front of damp hair (in front of ears) into three sections.  2)Braid each section.  3)Pull rest of hair back into a low pony.  4)Add braids to ponytail and secure with an elastic.  5)Spray with medium hold hairspray. 
Half & Half: 1)Tousle front of hair over to one side and divide hair in 2/3 and 1/3.  2)Braid both sides, secure with small elastics.  3)Pull out small sections of the braids and make messy.  4)Option to spray with light hold hairspray. 

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