Apr 27, 2014

Inside the World of Ginny Slim // Tami Snodgrass

 I have been following the journey of Tami Snodgrass (AKA Ginny Slim) for several years now through her clothing brand, Sugarhigh Lovestoned. While her friend and co-creator, Chloe Chippendale is launching a new project, Tami remains at the helm, constantly coming up with new designs and tshirt illustrations for future capsule collections. She was recently featured in an article on Houzz, where she let readers in her Maui jungle bungalow through the photography of Ashley Camper. This surfer babe's little world consists of a lofted bedroom with a view, a semi outdoor kitchen in the shade, and a backyard shower perfect for after a morning surf session. Illustrations are posted on the walls, while clothing and accessories are slung and hung throughout. 
This girl has me aching for an endless Summer, for sure!
You can read the full article on Houzz here

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