Dec 11, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Daeja Fallas

This past March I interviewed photographer, Daeja Fallas, for my blog, For Sure J'Adore. As I am putting together some artist interviews for the coming months, I have been looking at past interviews. Daeja's work is so inspiring to me, and she leads such an interesting life. She has done photoshoots and advertising for brands like Free People, Sugarhigh + Lovestoned, and Calvin Klein. You should also take a peek at her site!

Who would be your dream model/celebrity to shoot?
I'd love to photograph several different people throughout history…Coco Chanel in her stripes, the legend of women's surfing, Rell Sunn on her longboard in Waikiki, Hemingway on his boat, and well, if he were real, the character Audrey Tatou in 'Amelie.' 

What got you started in photography?
My grandfather gave me a camera when we were driving across the country in a VW bus when I was eight. I wanted to photograph every deer we saw. We had a hundred photos of forests with maybe a tiny dear in every few photos. Ha!

Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to your work?
I'd say that the people around me are my biggest influences. Especially my grandfather…Along with the city of course and growing up in Hawaii always draws me back to the ocean.

What is next for you and your work?
I'm beginning to word on a personal project with NYC based artist Ben Olsen.

What are your favorite things to do in your downtime?
I swim a few times a week, even in the Winter. I just need my head under water where it is silent…I paint, cook and love walking around NYC with a camera and good friends.

What is your go-to camera?
I have lots of favorites! 

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