Mar 11, 2014

Make Art

You don't have to be an artist to make art. Art is for everyone, and it is a form of expression. It is limitless. All of my 'un-artsy' friends always tell me they can't make art. That they aren't talented. That whatever they have made in the past looked like shit. I think there is a problem in their mindset, that isn't their fault. No, not everyone is a Picasso or Chuck Close, but if you make art with the mindset that it won't turn out well, then it probably won't. In school, we were all branded into who is artsy and who is smart in math and science. If we would all stop being worried about being stuck in a category, we would be free.

 Go to a local Michael's or AC Moore and buy the cheapest acrylic paint you can find in your favorite colors. Pick up a box of pastels and a few brushes that interest you. At home, gather cardboard boxes and rip them up. Collect old magazines that have been sitting on your bedside table. Grab a couple of pens in whatever colors you have. Spread everything out on the floor in a space you feel relaxed. Turn on a stereo to your favorite radio station or CD. Let the sounds echo and bounce off the walls. Begin working. Don't worry if it's good. Just create. If you 'mess up,' just go over it. Be wild with your strokes. Outline everything with pastel. Wipe it away. Glue a magazine image in the middle. Be daring. Use the Jackson Pollock technique. Don't compare yourself to others. Dance.  

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