May 29, 2014



Shot on location in Haiku Hawaii with an old 35mm camera and expired film.

Mystery is good. Magic is all around you.
You never know where you'll find what your looking for....
We say-- wake up early, grab a chai, crawl into a cotton tee & hit the open road. 
Pack a velvet dress for those under-the-stars, whiskey-lemonade out of a mason jar, 
meet-the-band after the show kind of night in the California desert.
Wherever you find yourself, keep that magic alive. 
Take in the wild air, cast your spell, be aware of the secret signals,
say yes to unplanned adventures 
and soak up a few of those unexpected all-nighters. 

photographer // Andy Wauman (insta @gutterdust)
styled by // Ginny Slim
psychedelic fox // Jordan Payne


  1. These are beautiful! So happy to have stumbled on your blog, it's gorgeous X