May 12, 2014

Spring Awakening Event at Free People Walnut St

The night for me started a few hours prior to the event.  Kelly from the store and I arranged tables and a comfy seating area in the loft, overlooking the rest of the store. I adorned the tables with fake flowers, glass jars full of beads, sari ribbon yarns in every color piled high like a pyramid, and other supplies. As soon as six o’clock came around, people started pouring in. A line soon formed down the long staircase, as I walked around instructing the workshop.  Everyone had smiles on their faces while sipping juice, chatting, and wrapping sari ribbon around hoops. Some strung beads on to ribbon for fringe, while others covered theirs in bright flowers. Both girls and guys confidently held their creations up from their fingers for pictures posted on Instagram. My friends and family came and patted me on the back in awe of the crowd they stood in the midst of.  I was amazed at the turnout.

You can see more pictures and the rest of my interview on the BLDG25 Blog! :)

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